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Decker Boulevard International Corridor

Experience the Vibrant  Multi-Cultural World of Decker Boulevard, Richland County's Official International Corridor! 

Decker Boulevard is a vibrant two-mile stretch of highway that encompasses the best of international cuisine, and multi-cultural goods and services, it has a safe and blossoming night- life thanks in part to the Comedy House and a number of area restaurants and shops, and the Richland County Sheriff"s Department. Located  less than a mile from  the Boyden Arbor Gate of Fort Jackson off Percival Road and approximately two miles from the Forest Drive/ Strom Boulevard, Decker Boulevard is a stone’s throw from Columbia Mall and easily accessible from I-20, I-77, Percival, Two Notch and Parklane Roads.  

The thriving commercial district features countless Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants, as well as several international bakeries and shops. Decker  Boulevard is home to a fresh Seafood Market, a Carnicería, several Asian Markets, a Western apparel shop and a hair salon, which caters to the art of African braiding. In fact there are several hair salons and barbers shops which cater to a multi-ethnic clientele.  

In addition to the numerous international offerings, there are restaurants that feature the standard  American fare like McDonalds, Chic Fil A, Rush’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Sonic, Taco Bell and CiCi’s Pizza. It is also extremely easy to conduct business along Decker Boulevard as there are several insurance agencies, a DMV (located in Decker Mall) as well as a long term storage facility, several auto dealerships, gas stations and realtors located along the highway, with many of these businesses offering military discounts.

David Whigham is the owner of the highly successful Comedy House located at 2760 Decker Boulevard,  "I grew up in this area and in a sense locating the club here is like coming home to me. Decker is the most unique place in the Columbia area and visitors can find just about everything from a - z. This great place proves that people from all ethnicities and cultures can peacefully co-exist and respect one another.  I also think that it is very important that as a community that we business owners give back to the soldiers that have given so much to us.” 

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Whigham offers soldiers $1 tickets with a proper military ID.

So if you are looking to experience the very best that the Columbia area has to offer ---come to Decker where the world awaits you!

For more information, please contact Sylvia Hanna, President, at (803) 782-1104 or email her at Sylvia.t.hanna.ia27@statefarm.com

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