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New Audience Roadshow

Is it okay to clap every time the symphony stops playing?

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If you're a seasoned concert-goer, that question may never cross your mind. But if you're a young adult attending your first symphony, that question may pose a dilemma. That's why the Columbia New Audience Road Show is teaming up with the South Carolina Philharmonic, Trustus Theatre, The Nickelodeon, The Power Company (dance), and the Columbia Museum of Art to offer Columbia-area residents ages 23-39 a behind-the-scenes look at what's involved in creating and presenting art for the stage, screen and wall.

New Audience Road Show members will visit each of the participating arts organizations three times. During two of the visits, participants will learn about the art form, from the basics of composition to the mood-altering effects of stage lighting and camera angles. Participants will talk with artists, staff, and board members, try their hand at each art form and take backstage tours. The third visit will include a performance or opening, and each "Roadie," will be encouraged to invite friends and share what they've learned. The Road Show will also have optional visits with groups such as Pocket Productions, Columbia Alternacirque, and anyone and anything else of interest to the group. If you don't know what these organizations are about, you may be an ideal candidate to participate in the Road Show!

What's the catch?

The organizations involved want to attract more young adults to their events, so they want to learn from you as you learn from them. They want to know what you and your peers define as "art," and why you currently attend or don't attend events. The catch is that you must be willing to share your opinion!

What's the cost?

If your application is accepted and you're interested in participating, there will be $50 fee to help pay for your dinners over the course of the program during each behind-the-scenes visit. That's 10 dinners for $50!!

When does the Road Show hit the road?

The program runs from September through February.

Who should apply?

The Road Show is for young adults in the Columbia area, ages 23-39 who are interested in learning more about the arts in Columbia. A "roadie" may have no artistic experience, but just want to know why people bother going to arts events. Other roadies may have played in the high school marching band, but have no understanding of what happens on the stage. The main requirement is not being afraid to learn something new.


Application deadline is August 10, 2012. Applicants will be invited to informal meetings to find out more details about the program.

Apply Now

You can complete the online application or print the PDF version and return it by email to

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