Eleven cities from across the United States have been named Best Places to Retire and Row in the United States by The Rower's Almanac. These cities (two are tied) profiled at www.RowingandSculling.com, reflect the geographic spread of rowing and multitude of options for rowers and scullers who want to continue the sport in retirement.

Not surprisingly, Florida has three cities in the top ten, Sarasota, FL (#1), Cape Coral, FL (#3) and DeLand, FL (#6). North and South Carolina each have one: Raleigh, NC (#4), and Columbia, SC (#5). Six other cities that might not normally come to mind also made the list: Austin, TX (#2), Tempe, AZ (#6-tied with DeLand), Klamath Falls, OR (#7), Natchitoches, LA (#8), Lakeport, CA (#9) and Greenwood, NY (#10).

The idea for the survey was born from a simple inquiry by a masters rower, whom upon approaching retirement, set about looking for a 'small, pedestrian-friendly town, warm weather and walk-able access to a rowing venue.' When he couldn't find it, he contacted Rower's Almanac who took that initial criteria and expanded upon it. Rating factors included housing costs, state income tax rates, number of restaurants, theatres, libraries and hospitals, types of water and rowing available, number of boathouses and regattas, and the size of the local rowing population.

Optimal rowing conditions, a low cost of living and a high quality of life characterize the exceptional live-ability and row-ability of these cities.

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