Start times have been announced for this year's Palmetto200 relay race from Columbia to Charleston, SC. This year's 2nd annual event features over 50 teams, with some pretty interesting names. What's your favorite team name?
Team and start time are listed below. More detailed information can be found here.

TeamStart Time
PurePower06:00 AM
Are We There Yet06:00 AM
Dazed and Confused Running Team06:00 AM
Fighting Tortugas06:00 AM
Hot Heels06:00 AM
MVP (More Versed Please)06:00 AM
Snap, Crackle, Pop06:00 AM
sole sisters06:00 AM
Staff Infection06:00 AM
Team Upstate06:00 AM
The Armadillo's06:00 AM
YuDu then I Do06:00 AM
200 Mile Lactic Acid Trip06:30 AM
Dude, where's my van?06:30 AM
If Found, Return to MCRD Parris Island06:30 AM
Miles for Smiles06:30 AM
Press On06:30 AM
Team Pimp06:30 AM
The Cropdusters06:30 AM
The Wolf Pack06:30 AM
Pacers07:00 AM
2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit07:00 AM
Tramps Like Us07:00 AM
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers07:00 AM
WTF (Witness The Fitness)07:00 AM
El Cid '0208:00 AM
200 Miles and Runnin'09:00 AM
Believe Achieve 20009:00 AM
Capital Rehab09:00 AM
Citadel Endurance Project09:00 AM
El Cid '0209:00 AM
Proaxis09:00 AM
Run MUSC Run09:00 AM
Too slow to win, too dumb to quit09:00 AM
Anchors Aweigh09:00 AM
No Sleep Till Charleston09:00 AM
anytime fitness running club10:00 AM
Bless Our Soles10:00 AM
Runners Anonymous10:00 AM
Surf Camp10:00 AM
The Surf Bar 610:00 AM
Van On the Run10:00 AM
Eastbound & Down10:00 AM
Kickin' Ultra Asphalt12:00 PM
Andy Bugler Racing12:00 PM
Island Liquors Running Club12:00 PM
Caballo Blanco ain't got SHIT on us01:00 PM
Fast Neutrons01:00 PM
Scootin Pootin01:00 PM
Sweat Hogs01:00 PM
Clemson Thundercats02:00 PM
Crazy Legs02:00 PM
Endurance Junkies02:00 PM
Columbia Marathon10:00 PM