1. You can enjoy the great outdoors

If you enjoy being outside, you will like playing disc golf. I promise. South Carolina's beautiful, year-round weather attracts disc golfers to the local courses even on the days where there's 97 percent humidity. I like to describe disc golf as "hiking while throwing plastic." Many disc golf courses are built in beautiful parks, some with creeks running through it, others with giant pine trees as obstacles. Even if you don't feel like throwing, you can enjoy the great outdoors while getting exercise, which brings me to my next reason...

2. It's great exercise

Disc golf gets your body moving and your heart pumping. Although not quite the equivalent of running a marathon, your body is in constant motion while playing. During a round, you are usually either walking or throwing, which serves as great cardio. One round of disc golf, depending on the number of holes and the length of the course, can take anywhere from one to three hours. Normally, it takes newer players a little longer to get through a course before figuring out how to throw farther and more accurately, so these players will get an even better workout!

3. You will have friends anywhere you go

There are about 4,000 disc golf courses in the United States. Disc golf is everywhere, but it is still not as mainstream as football or baseball. This is why disc golfers bond over their love of the game. If you meet another disc golfer at a party, in the airport or any other unsuspecting place, trust me, you will immediately launch into an hour-long conversation about disc companies, plastics, molds, courses, bags and tournaments. It will be as if you have found a long-lost sibling. Also, if you find yourself traveling or moving to a new zip code, there is most likely a disc golf scene or at least a course in the area. Use Disc Golf Course Review to find courses all over the world.

4. It's fun for all ages

Whether you are 12 or 82, disc golf is accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. You don't have to throw 500 feet to be a good disc golfer. Some of the best disc golfers win world championships by simply keeping it in the fairway. Rounds don't need to be serious or competitive, you can throw for fun with your friends and family and see what happens! You don't have to play at a certain speed and you can even skip holes if you'd like, it's really up to you. It makes for a whole lot of family fun.


5. It's cheap!

One disc is all you need to play a round of disc golf. Discs range from about $8 to $20 depending on the disc company, mold and plastic. You can pick up single discs or a starter pack from sporting good stores such as Dick's, Academy Sports and Todd & Moore in Columbia. If you get the disc golf bug and want to experiment with different discs, you may want to check out some flight charts to see how each disc flies (here's Innova's driver flight chart). Most disc golf courses are completely free to play. Once you're hooked, there are all sorts of fun accessories you can pick up - minis, towels, portable baskets, stools, disc retrievers, bags, etc. But make sure to get the basics down first! 

Already got the bug after reading this blogpost? Great! Check out the Columbia Disc Golf Club's website for information on local courses and upcoming tournaments. To learn more about disc golf in general, head over the Professional Disc Golf Club's website.

The Columbia Disc Golf Club is hosting three upcoming tournaments at Columbia's most well-known course, Earlewood Park (111 Parkside Drive), feel free to come out and see what disc golf is all about!

Author: Sara Lamberson

Sara is a professional disc golfer, 2012 National Collegiate Champion and sponsored by Innova Discs, Hyzer Flip Disc Golf Apparel and Odin Disc Golf Bags. Sara is also a 2013 USC graduate with a master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Feel free to email her about her love of disc golf at SaraBLamberson@gmail.com.